Issey Miyake x United Nude: The Wrap


This project explores the potential future of creating original products based on the ISSEY MIYAKE's concept "TEN SEN MEN" (point, line and surface) and the United Nude concept of regarding shoes as architecture. Their manufacturing incorporates cutting-edge materials and techniques. Together they have created a capsule collection of conceptual footwear that captures the unique approach of the brands, both in comfort and design.


Based on the concept of "wrapping", these shoes are designed to envelop the foot with just a single sheet of leather. This basic model has an elastic band that improves the fit, making the style simple and easy to wear. They are available in three colors: white, black, and silver, and in both flats and low heels.

ISSEY MIYAKE Designer Yoshiyuke Miyamae

I feel great joy in creating new ISSEY MIYAKE shoes with United Nude. I considered making shoes that have the functionality needed for daily comfort and which flatter a woman's foot to be the ultimate form of product design. Rem D Koolhaas' attitude towards actively incoporating new materials, technologies and constantly pursuing innovative shoe-making, resonates with ISSEY MIYAKE's perspective on clothes-making. ISSEY MIYAKE proposes its characteristic suprise and humor. The collection contains simple, beautiful products designed from the viewpoint of structural dynamics, the forte of designer and architect, Rem D Koolhaas. Together, the insatiably inquiring minds of both ISSEY MIYAKE and United Nude look toward innovative manufacturing. Through this project, both parties prompted each other to embark on the challenge of a completely new form of shoe-making. I hope to deliver shoes that everyone will be inspired to try on and which will brighten the customer’s day.

UNITED NUDE Creative Director Rem D Koolhaas

I have always been a fan of ISSEY MIYAKE’s work. The way ISSEY MIYAKE and the team have continuously pushed boundaries through material innovations and experimentations is highly inspiring. Now to be working with them is really great for me and my team and also a lot of fun! Walking through their Tokyo studio and seeing what they are working on for the future is just amazing. They are one of the very few companies in high fashion that
are true innovators and that are working on cross-seasonal developments. To develop a new advanced totally engineered fabric takes years. For them to approach fashion this way is a true example for the entire industry and it is probably the best way for creating iconic and timeless design. 

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