Aug 21, 2019 | United Nude

Through a process of trial and error with various materials, the multidisciplinary creative Bart Hess, breathes life into subjects that are both fascinating and disturbing. 

Interview with Bart Hess

UN: Bart Hess, could you please tell us more about you and your background?

BH: Bart Hess is indeed my name, I am a man and I re- cently turned 32. Soon it will be ten years ago that I graduated from the design academy in Eindhoven. From the beginning I have worked with a multidisci-plinary approach, where the body is often involved in my work. I try to nd a balance between beauty and disgust or even horror.

UN: When I look at your overall work, I would say that you are obsessed with the human body, but where does the desire of its transformation come from?

BH: I think it must have started somewhere as a child. As a young boy I was always trying to look for things to make me a super hero or a monster. In an attempt to change facial expressions, I created a face brace using technic lego. Something that many years later I translated into a performance.

« I try to find a balance between beauty and disgust or even horror.»

UN: What is your favorite lines or part of the human body?

BH: At the moment I am more than normally fascinated with testicles. For a new series of interactive textiles I am researching the movements that testicles make. I am trying to mimic this half interactivity. As a viewer you will have input on the textiles and you can see sort of respons but you will not understand why, you only feel that it is a life. 

UN: If you would have to write a scenario for a movie, what would be the story?

BH: I have multiple, It is sort of an escape when I am struggling with a project. I then come up with a sce- nario in which one my projects t in.

In one scenario a world of robots keep humanity as slaves to create hand made objects. These objects the robot uses a sort of drugs, by calculate the math- ematics behind there computers get overheated. The humans make art completely random, something that the robots can’t do.

« Humans make art completely random, something that the robots can’t do.»


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