The Lo Res Chair

The Lo Res chair is inspired by the most famous Verner Pantone chair, which was re-designed through the semi-automatic Lo Res design process developed by United Nude.

Lo Res

The United Nude Lo Res (short for low resolution) project is an innovative new design method using computer software to create new designs and to re-design existing objects.

Resolution of Design

Resolution means the amount of information per area, most commonly used to describe two-dimensional images on a computer screen as dots per inch (DPI). The United Nude Lo Res project is in three-dimensional (3D) resolutions: each object can be described by a series of 3D points. When these points are connected to become triangular surfaces, they describe the shape of the object. For a higher 3D resolution (high density of points) the triangles are small and the shape appears smooth. As the 3D resolution is lowered (less density of points and therefore bigger triangles), the object becomes more fragmented, changing its character in the process.

Forward Resolution

The Lo Res method creates stealthy abstract design options. From this ‘series’ of resolutions one is chosen and used as the final design base. Besides the United Nude Lo Res shoe, which is available worldwide, a real Lo Res car is in the making.

More Lo Res Projects

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