UN Pop-up At Galeries Lafayette

United Nude Opens Exhibition + Pop-Up shop in Galeries Lafayette

February 2012

United Nude is honored to open an exhibition and Pop-Up store at the exclusive Parisian department store Galeries Lafayette. Boasting the biggest shoe department in France, Galeries Lafayette is known for its high class collections and uncompromising sense of style and luxury.


1. The Lo Res project

United Nude’s Lo Res (short for low resolution) project is an innovative design method using computer software to design new products and re-design existing objects.

On display are never before exhibited prototypes of Lo Res Shoes, Lo Res bracelets and an entire series of Lo Res design Lamborghini sculptures.

2. Iris van Herpen x United Nude collaboration shoes

On display are four collaboration shoes designed and made for Iris van Herpen’s bespoke runway shows. Designer Iris van Herpen is known for pushing the boundaries of Haute Couture. Her last two collections were shown in Paris as an official guest of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, one of the greatest honors any fashion designer can aspire to.

Key to Iris van Herpen’s designs is novelty and craftsmanship in both technique and textile. Her style’s avant-garde spirit combines raw and technologically-produced materials. Iris van Herpen and United Nude have collaborated for five consecutive collections, joining forces to create one of the most advanced and innovative collaborations in the world of fashion today.

3. A selection of United Nude’s iconic shoes from previous years

The shoes on display are from the United Nude Ultra range. It is here where one can see best what United Nude’s design is all about: Elegant minimalist designs aimed at balancing perfect proportions with what appear to be impossible shapes by turning to architecture. The unique structural materialization of the shoes seems to defy gravity at times, resulting in the slimmest, lightest and perhaps some of the most beautiful women’s high heels ever made.

4. United Nude Flat Pack shoe

The United Nude Flat Pack was created as part of an experimental project, initiated by the Spanish performance-artist Alicia Framis. Inviting a select group of artists, designers and architects to explore futuristic, radical and even political concepts, the “Moon Life” project was a speculation and exploration of humanity’s future life and travel in space. Considering extreme environmental conditions, as well as the effects of shifting gravitational pulls, United Nude’s Flat Pack shoe is light, durable and compact and can also be adjusted and customized according to special and singular needs.

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