Good Ju Ju

January 2012

Right underneath the Eiffel Tower in 1907 there was the arrival of the rally Peking to Paris. Very last century. These days the Chinese themselves are visiting the French capital en masse. One of the most famous to recently have done so is singer and actress Juju, a favorite of Quentin Tarantino.

Once she had landed on Charles de Gaulle, photographer Sky Li was heavily drawn into Juju’s force of gravitation. Travelling light yet walking some great distances, the Chinese lady brought all the right vibes to the French capital’s favorite quartiers. The marching must be in her genes as she was born into a military family. It was her grandfather who gave her a piano at the age of three. Disciplined musical tutoring soon followed.

Juju’s career in a way would develop in the same direction as Carla Bruni’s. Fashion model and singer, both had fathers heading industrial giants. Whereas Sarkozy’s wife came from a famous Italian tire and calendar manufacturer, Juju’s father made it big in a softer and tastier compound: ice cream. Whilst still studying in the USA she became a VJ for MTV’s Sound of Nature. Recently Juju released her first jazz album Delicious.

After enjoying the beauty of Le Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre it was however straight back to work for Juju. Colleagues? Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon, Hugh Grant and Tom Hanks, top cast in the new science fiction blockbuster Cloud Atlas. Recording would start the next day in the rather more stern capital of Germany. First Juju takes Île de la Cité then Juju takes Berlin.

Photography by Dr. Sky Li
PR Manager Asia at United Nude

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